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So much romance in the air in February and all the love birds out there are going to be spending more time together. So, we thought we would make that time together even more enjoyable. Starting February 1st and going till the end of February, we’re offering you

25% off all our in-stock dining and bedroom furniture!!!

Note: Some product pictured below may no longer be in-stock.

This is NOT furniture like you’d find at most stores…this is Borkholder Furniture!

Borkholder Furniture is made from solid wood; none of that partical board junk or that stuff that is made to look like real wood, but isn’t like you’ll find in other stores.

Borkholder Furniture is handcrafted right hear in the heartland of America by skilled craftsmen.

Borkholder Furniture is heirloom-quality furniture meaning that is built to last so long that it can be handed down for generations. Your grandchildren could literally be enjoying the same furniture that you did for many years.

Our 30,000 square foot store is filled with this furniture, so you’ll have tons of options to choose from and find the perfect piece for your home. So if it’s in-stock…it’s 25% off thru February!!!

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