Home Décor / Gifts

When it comes to home décor, furnishings, and gifts, we simply have so much to offer and in so many different styles.  You’ll find anything from lamps, centerpieces, clocks and knick-knacks, to paintings, unique toys, old-fashioned beverages, rugs, sculptures, and so much more. Whether you are looking for something modern, rustic, traditional, patriotic, or perfect for your farm house, there is a great chance you’ll find something you like in our 30,000 square foot store. We also carry several items for the popular animals that are loved by many such as horses, dogs, pigs, chickens and owls.
Below is just a little taste of what’s available, so you’ll really want to stop in and visit us to see just how much we have to offer.

Note: Due to our ever-changing supply, items pictured may no longer be in stock.